Techincal Secretariat

Anna Moleras

AnnaPsychologist and pedagogue, she has also been trained in project management and epidemiology participating in some courses. She has been working in healthcare since 1999. She worked two years in a primary care center and then in a clinical laboratory where she was director assistant. In 2006 started to work in the IDIAP Jordi Gol. Since then she is in charge of the Technical Secretariat of redIAPP.


The principal function of the Techical Secretariat is to support the coordinator tasks. The Technical Secretary will have the following primary tasks:

  • Support the organization and Coordinator of the redIAPP work packages.
  • Plan and schedule all of the meetings for the various network units, record minutes, and follow up on the decisions taken.
  • Develop and maintain the internal functions of the network and prepare general documents about network functions (authorship, project evaluation, private sector agreements, etc.).
  • Plan and coordinate the Training Plan. Organization of the network’s annual conference.
  • Monitor the programme indicators for research and training outcomes, as well as for each of the different groups.
  • Prepare the annual reports.
  • Maintain the Network Communication Plan, which includes web maintenance ( and the integrated management application (GIR). Of special note are the following tasks:
    • Maintain the network membership roster, monitor the platforms, keep a registry of projects undertaken by network members (with information about protocols, documentation, investigators, publications, etc.), information about the various WPs, activities, calls, and records of the various meetings of network committees.
    • Facilitate communication between the various groups, disseminating information via e-mail and producing a periodic newsletter (at least each trimester)
    • Communicate network activities and results to specialized and general audiences through the appropriate communications media.
  • Help to coordinate the clinical trial (WP6), in which all of the network groups will participate.
  • Manage the budget for coordination and training.