redIAPP has this following general objectives:

  1. To evaluate disease prevention and health promotion activities that exist in primary care at the individual, group and community level, and develop innovative preventive interventions related to cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and anxiety and depressive disorders.
  2. To design and implement a clinical trial following the methodology proposed by the Medical Research Council to evaluate the effectiveness and cost-benefit of a multi-factorial and multi-risk intervention for health promotion and disease prevention to reduce the most frequent chronic health conditions and favour active, healthy aging.
  3. To develop and integrate new decision support tools for primary care professionals as well as interventions based on the use of information and communication technologies directed toward health promotion, prevention of chronic health conditions and their transfer to the private sector.


redIAPP is a research network that aims to generate knowledge that will benefit Primary Care, particularly on the efficacy, effectiveness and efficiency of new interventions in prevention and health promotion. redIAPP aims also to disseminate knowledge so that public, the scientific community and the services coordinators can  integrate the prevention and apply the results to daily clinical practice and service management.