• Network of exercise research laboratories


    9 laboratories equipped with cyclo-ergometres, heart rate monitors, anthropometric tools, computers and software set up in collaborating primary health care centres to measure physical activity.

    Shared databases on physical activity: A database of 5,000 people containing multiple measurements regarding physical activity, physical fitness, quality of life, cardiovascular and behavioural risk factors and other data. Provides structural support for development important projects of the network.


    CorCurrently, this platform compiles 6 population-based cohort studies from Girona, Barcelona, Balearic Islands and Salamanca with 50,000 persons and more than 10 years’ follow-up. It includes information about classic risk factors, blood values, treatments and history of vascular diseases.

    This platforms was constituted by the addition of two cohort studies:
    - Cohorte of 101,534 people from 35 to 79 years, representative of the population attended in 23 health centers of Girona with information registered in electronical clinical records about classical risk factors, blood values, treatments and clinical history. In 2010 a 10-year follow-up of this cohort took place.
    -  Cohort of 1,168 people from 35 to 74 years, representative of the population of the Balearic Island, with information referring to classic risk factors, blood values, treatments and history of vascular diseases.




    Cohort of patients with cohort of patients with colorectal cancer from 5 autonomous communities to study the factors that determine diagnostic delay and prognosis.


    PredictThe main objective of the PREDICT-ESPAÑA project is to develop and validate an innovative multi-factorial risk inventory to predict the onset and maintenance of depressive episodes in primary care.

    PREDICT platform comprises many databases:
    - Cohort Predict-Spain (N=5542): Completed 3-year follow-up, involving primary health care users of 7 Spanish provinces, 3 within the redIAPP
    - Cohort Predict-Gen (N=2680): A study of biological and genetic markers has been performed in a sub-sample of the
    previous cohort. The platform is shared with researchers from CIBERSAM.
    - Cohort Predict-Europe (N=10048). Completed 1-year follow-up phase, involving a cohort of 6 European countries and
    - Cohort Predict-CCRT (N=3407). Currently 18 month follow-up is running, constituted by primary care attendees of 7
    Spanish provinces, 5 within the redIAPP.
    - Other data bases: BD doctors, BD questionnaires, BD clinical records.

    sidiapThe Information System for the Development of Research in Primary Care (SIDIAP database)
    A platform based on the Catalan Institute of Health´s primary care clinical records system (eCAP), together with data from pharmacy billing, inpatient care, mortality register, census and other sources that are  progressively incorporated. A database with 5.8 million patients that is subject to a series of quality control mechanisms in order to use it in research support. It currently supports more than 40 national and international projects, many of them within the network. It is a reference data base for studies of south Europe.


    REGIPREVDatabase based on electronic medical records to analyse variability in the implementation of different preventive services (screening for smoking, alcohol abuse, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, obesity, influenza and tetanus immunisation) and to control risk factors. It includes more than 750,000 subjects from 3 autonomous communities. It currently supports 2 network projects.