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Agency of Clinical Research Management in Primary Care (AGICAP)



The IDIAPJGol Agency of Clinical Research Management in Primary Care (AGICAP) is an organisation dedicated to the promotion and management of clinical trials with medicines. With over 340 accredited investigators across the whole Catalan territory with experience in clinical trials (general practitioners, paediatricians, gynaecologists, traumatologists, pharmacologists and nurses), the AGICAP can reach up to 87% of the population.

The AGICAP's coordinator is Dr. Ernest Vinyoles.



  • Promotion of high standard clinical trials in primary care in Catalonia.
  • Advising the clinical trial sponsor on the feasibility of the project, as well as on the technical, scientific, administrative and collaborative aspects.
  • Development and implementation of clinical trials originating from the AGICAP network and from external sponsors, subject to approval by the IDIAP Jordi Gol Independent Ethics Committee.
  • Providing training in clinical trials for primary health care professionals.
  • Promoting collaborations among researchers within the network.
  • Promoting and coordinating the exchange of ideas, research projects and research priorities in primary care in Catalonia.


AGICAP provides the following services:

  • Advice on protocol design and feasibility of studies in Primary Care (clinical trials and post-authorisation studies).
  • Contribution of practical expertise from experienced clinical investigators in various fields.
  • Evaluation by the IDIAP’s Independent Ethics Committee, which oversees all Primary Care centres of the Catalan Health Institute and other entities.
  • Recruitment of quality and efficiency.
  • Fast selection of accredited centres and investigators (in less than 10 days).
  • Search for the most suited accredited investigators from the AGICAP network to carry out clinical trials with strict criteria of rigor and professionalism.
  • Training and accreditation of network researchers.
  • Methodological and logistic support for the protocols developed by network researchers.
  • Logistic support to investigators, centres and sponsors.
  • Statistical analysis.
  • Monitoring of clinical trails.
  • Clinical trials units equipped with specialised investigators, located in Barcelona and its metropolitan area.
  • Confidentiality in all processes.
  • Patient protection and safety.
  • Efficient management of administrative permits.
  • Fast management of contracts and payments.
  • Payments to researchers and centres.